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More than just golf carts...

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Ott Knott Golf Carts is a Cushman/E-Z-GO Dealer in the Pacific Northwest that known for their custom golf carts. What many folks who come in to the Ott Knott Showroom, looking for premium golf carts, also see our Utility carts. Many are surprised by the selection from 4x4 diesels to 72 volt carts. The Ott Knott Custom Shop has also built a reputation for converting golf carts to utility carts. Adding utility boxes, snow plows, enclosures, heaters, and all the parts needed for a utility cart.

Golf carts are used in so many applications from maintenance teams to security, athletics departments, at a colleges. In the hotel/resort communities, utility carts are used hauling people around in four and six passengers, house keeping use carts for moving linen around the property. I could go on and on about the different industries that use these utility carts, but you get the point.

If you are looking for a utility cart or know someone that can use one. Remember Ott Knott Golf Carts offers the same value in our utility line of carts as we do in golf carts. Have an idea for a utility cart? Give us a call we have probably already built one.

Many of our customers come in with ideas that seem, off the wall, that we have made into reality. Have you ever thought of having a mobile beverage cart with onboard water, power, expresso machine, refrigerator? We have made that dream a reality at Ott Knott Golf Carts.

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