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Changing the way Spokane/CDA buys golf carts.

Updated: May 12, 2022

Ott Knott Golf Carts is a Cushman Utility Cart dealer, with the largest inventory of Cushman utility carts in the Northwest! Ott Knott Golf Carts is also a used golf cart dealer known for their Refurbished Custom Golf Carts. The value you get from an Ott Knott Custom Golf Cart can't be beat! Being a Cushman/E-Z-GO dealer Ott Knott is always looking to buy quality late model golf carts for there inventory for sale and the refurbished market. The value is an amazing golf cart that has been rebuilt from the ground up. All this starts in the Custom Shop, taking the car apart to the frame, power washing, and replacing all the old warn parts. The shop replaces anything that needs or will need to be replaced. You get a quality golf cart that looks and preforms as new!

The customer experience is a fun and rewarding for both the Ott Knott Team and the customer. When a you come into Ott Knott Golf Carts showroom you will see the quality of the Ott Knott Teams work. Looking at the premium seats, custom paint, and all the fun parts that anyone would want to add to their golf cart. If you can't find a custom built car on the showroom floor, building your own custom is the next step. Looking over the custom build sheet you will get to pick colors of body, seats, wheels, enclosures, and all the fun parts, that make it your golf cart! The custom build sheet has all of the most popular parts on it with pricing so, adding up the cost of your build is easy to fit any budget.

The cost of a NEW golf cart falls somewhere in the $12,000-$15,000 range. That's a base model golf car, that doesn't have all the cool parts you want. Compare an Ott Knott Custom with a new car with the same cool parts, a new cart would go well over $20,000. This is where the Value of an Ott Knott Golf Cart Custom comes in. You can get a premium golf cart, with custom paint, seats, wheels, cooler, ball washer, maybe a rear seat and still be THOUSANDS LESS than new! All this comes with the best refurbished warranty in the business. Two years bumper to bumper! Ott Knott Golf Carts stands behind their work! Why not come down to Ott Knott Golf Carts at 4508 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane, WA 99212 and see for yourself.

Check out the NEW WEBSITE at or call us at 509-951-4740.

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