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L5 RVR, 4x2 Starting at $11,999*

The Best Work Vehicle For Your Business

L5 RVR, 4x2 Starting at $11,999*

The L5 RVR UTV is the industry's best offering in features, capabilities, and price. Equip your business with the hardest working fleet of UTV vehicles, capable of hauling up to 750 lbs. in the bed and towing 1,500 lbs. The L5 RVR is for all types of business applications, including golf courses, schools & universities, sports venues, events, indoor facilities, and other commercial properties. So whether you need a UTV for landscaping, property maintenance, hauling equipment, or transporting people, the American-made L5 RVR is a best-in-class option for your business.

PRO TIP: Attach a variety of implements and trailers with our built-in front and rear receivers.

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